Who are we?

ZBIERAJSIE.pl (it’s a wordplay related to our name and motivation phrase to move on is:

  • Travel and tourism blog, a place for all those who want to live more actively.
  • Family bloggers. In our posts we prove that a small child, nature, travel and sport are not excluding each other!
  • Huge dose of inspiration.We show beautiful and attractive places for traveling with children and not only.
  • Specialized blog which is visited by people searching for specific information related to travel and tourism.

We have traveled around the western and eastern states of the USA, European countries or UAE and also weekly local city breaks. We are looking for interesting places, we walk in the mountains, in the winter we go on cross-country skiing, in the summer on bicycles, we run, we sleep in hotels, we eat in restaurants – more about us on our website.

Our places in the Internet:





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In February 2019 we’re going to start our biggest trip  six months career breake through the world. We have big plans for journey and articles from the trip on our blog and others Polish media.

Career break, family together, travel time – family trip in a slow style… cause there’s never too late for dream come true.

What we are writing about?

Few examples of our blog articles:

  • Kos Island, Greece – Our list of Kos attractions worth to see.

Form: guideline

Link: https://zbierajsie.pl/wakacje-na-kos/ (TOP google searcg result)

  • Fujairah, United Arab Emirates – 5 reasons why to visit UAE – our point of view

Form: our opinion / review

Link: https://zbierajsie.pl/wakacje-w-emiratach-arabskich-fujairah/

  • Los Angeles, USA – direct relation written during USA trip about places we’ve visited in LA

Form: trip diary (summary of past day)

Link: https://zbierajsie.pl/los-angeles-wisienka-torcie-usa-west-trip-dzien-16-17/

  • Sintra / Lisboa, Portugal – Ocean view points which you need to see

Form: guidline / review

Link: https://zbierajsie.pl/plaze-nad-oceanem-w-okolicy-lizbony/

  • HT Houseboats, Baltic Sea, Poland – our relation and review from stay in floating homes hotel/glamping

Form: FAQ based on questions from our Social Media fans (mainly Instagram)

Link: https://zbierajsie.pl/domy-na-wodzie-ht-houseboats

How big our community is?

  • Currently our Facebook fanpage has over 9 000 fans (with more than 4% monthly increase).
  • Blog zbierajsie.pl is visited by ca. 41 000 Unique Users / month (6 months average)
  • With average of more than 71 000 Unique Views / month (up to 100 000 UV / month)
  • 2x Instagram accounts (c.a. 4 000 followers with 13% engagement)

We hold more than 125 TOP3 and over 850 TOP10 key words google search positions (taking into consideration that we post in total less than 200 articles such result means we’re good in SEO) – that means our articles can reach much more readers than our community and will be visible much longer than standard blog post.

Who read us?

Our target group is 25-44yo parents with children and couples who are looking for inspiration how to actively spend their free time. They don’t need to do it cheap, they’re looking for good standards. Our readers are representatives of the middle class – the have money and time for vacation.

Why zbierajsie?

We have the potential and huge plans to develop the blog, plus… first successes!

  • After the first year our blog won 104th position out of 500 considered in Rank of Polish Travel Blogs 2017 basing on google visibility (SENUTO tool).
  • One of our trips was listed in TOP 40 travel posts by National Geographic on 11th place (based on Social Media engagement)
  • We are in permanent contact with our fans. We’re receiving weekly dozens of mails asking for recommendation of places for families with children.
  • We’ve been cooperating with such brands as: travel agency: Itaka, Rainbow Tours; hotels: Herbal’s SPA, HT House Boats, Imperial Resort’s Spa; banks: Nationale Nederlanden; other: Thule, Puccini, Sharp, Mutsy, Scootandride, Smyk, etc.

Our pros:

  • People like our content (our community in Social Media grows day by day since the beginning in 2016). This is selected group of people really interested in traveling.
  • We know SEO, Kos Island, Treetop Trail in Czech Republic and in Slovakia, US Visa or FAQ about US trip – are on first page of google search results since a long time
  • Magda is experienced PR Manager (responsible for media relations as well as creative part of campaigns for products and events in various areas)
  • Real photos from our travel – we don’t „photoshop” the pictures to create unreal views. We’re trying to show the real face of places we visit. During our trip we’ll be collaborating with Olympus and Samsung.
  • We have a really good story to tell. In February we’re starting our six months career break trip. Together with our lovely daughters (3 years old Sara and 6 months old Iga) we want to visit several countries around the world. Greece can be on this list.

Our offer:

We would like to invite you to the journey to the sun.

We’re going to use the opportunity of parental leave and do the 6 months career break. Together with Sara (3 years old) and Iga (6 months old) we’ll go to the other side of the world. We want to describe the whole trip on our blog www.zbierajsie.pl but also create the guide (book/ebook) for most attractive regions.

Our first stop will be Thailand and Singapore, to move further to Philippines and Japan (if there will be enough time, we would like to see also Malesia and Vietnam). During European summer time we would like to come back to Europe to describe to our fans closer destinations. Your Island can be one of them!

What can we do for YOU?

We would love to visit your region in 2019 to see it and promote on our blog zbierajsie.pl and in our social media by:

1) Press trip/ business trip

2) Series of blog articles on zbierajsie.pl

3) Social Media relations (FB and IG) during and after the trip

4) Ebook guide about best attractions

5) Become your „tourist ambassador” in Poland by:

– preparation of promo materials of your region and press release for Polish Travel magazines and newspapers

– Translation of your official website to Polish

– Support/handling in preparaton of sub-site dedicated for Polish tourists

– Creating/maintaining your Polish fanpage on Facebook (with periodic content)

– Support in choosing/pre-screening of Polish bloggers and influencers


Sky is the limit so let’s talk how we can help you in the promotion!

Hope, we’ll stay in touch!

Magda i Jacek Zbieraj